Etac Hi-Loo Fixed Toilet Seat Raiser with Lids & Brackets

Stable and comfortable fixed toilet seat raiser. Etac Hi-Loo with fixed mounting is a discreet toilet seat raiser, that fits most toilets and attaches firmly and securely to the toilet. The ergonomically designed seat has recesses at the back and the front, providing convenient intimate hygiene.

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Stable & Comfortable Fixed Toilet Seat Raiser

Offers the best functionality and comfort
Hi-Loo with brackets is a raised toilet seat which is extremely stable and yet easy to remove. The seat is ergonomically shaped and the recesses at the back and front provide for convenient intimate hygiene. Hi-Loo is available both with and without lid and in two different heights.

Seat unit: Polypropylene
Brackets: ABS/PC

Etac HiLoo Toilet Seat Raiser
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