Etac Smart Shower Stool

The Etac Smart Shower Stool is a simple stool that’s been engineered to perfection. It’s strong, non slip, adjustable, durable, and can be used anywhere.



Etac Smart Shower Stool: Simple and Reliable

Just as comfortable whether sitting on the long or short side. Also available with a Swivel pad and in a Low version which can be used as a bath seat. The Low stools are also perfect to use in a care situation.


  • Easily adjustable height
  • ¬†Sturdy and engineered to last
  • ¬†Won’t slip, even on the went shower floor
Etac Shower Chair Swift

Stable on any floor

Etac Smart Shower Stool has a unique design that adapts to uneven floors thanks to the flexible seat. The soft, high quality ferrules adapt to the floor and ensures a good grip. All these features contribute to the users safety.

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