Shower Handle Mobile Grip

The Shower handle mobile suction grip is easy to fit and easy to remove. The vacuum pads are approx 120mm in diameter and are pressed to a flat surface, becoming a reliable aid in the bathroom to add stability and prevent falls.

$195.00 Excl. GST

Shower handle mobile grips are a practical helper for everday life for the disabled and eldery

Key Features

Telescopic handle
This is developed so that it may be fixed regardless of the tile structure.
Vacuum pads
The pads are made of special rubber and suitable for tiled surfaces in the bathroom which are slightly textured.
Quick locking
The Shower Handles can be fixed without tools and easily dismantled for travelling. Like all metal parts, the quick lock is made of stainless steel.

Safety indicator of the shower handle
The safety indicator of the Mobeli handles is simply revolutionary. The Mobeli safety rocker constantly
monitors the vacuum. When the warning rocker is fully lowered, the adhesive force is at it‘s strongest and the
handle is safe to use. If the warning rocker is raised showing the red warning rim, the Mobeli vacuum pads need
to be removed and reset. People with visibility impairments can touch the safety indicator and know by touching whether it‘s safe or not.

The practical shower handle mobile grab rail system is an easily transported system that is safe and secure and does not requiring drilling. The safety indicator of the Mobeli handles monitor the vacuum strength and adhesive force.

Mobile Grab Handle One Hand
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