Etac Grab Rails Flex Adhesive or Screw Mount

With multiple combinations of rails available and freedom of placement, these Grab Rails can be installed in the pattern that best suits an individual’s needs and lifestyle.



Grip Rails Flex Adhesive or Screw Mount: Safety, Configured for You

Reliable and strong with a patented adhesive system, these stylish but useful rails can be installed with screws or a strong adhesive.


  • Rails come in 2 different colours – Grey or White
  • Rails come in 3 different lengths
    • 30cm (1 x 30cm Rail)
    • 60cm (2 x 30cm Rails connected)
    • 90cm (3 x 30cm Rails connected)


  • Capable of holding up to 100kg
  • Specially designed shape and material to ensure gripping is easy and safe
  • Choice between screws or adhesive, eliminating the need for power tools and renovation
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