The bathroom is the most common site of injury risk in the home due to the presence of water in combination with countless smooth surfaces. Anyone recovering from orthopaedic, bariatric, cardiac or neurosurgery should install at least one bathroom aid, however temporary. For those who suffer from dizziness upon standing, selecting a small number of bathroom and toilet aids can help to avoid serious injury.

The toilet and bathroom aid industry is a huge one, offering countless solutions that often have not gone through rigorous testing in real-case scenarios. This is why Healthcare Equip ensures that all of its catalogue’s listed products have been tried and tested according to stringent standards. Our toilet and bathroom aids are used in hospital wards, residential homes, physiotherapy departments, public washroom facilities, commercial disabled toilets and washrooms and private homes throughout the country. We will deliver our bathroom aids to international clients, too.

Browse the broad Healthcare Equip bathroom and toilet aid catalogue and select from various mobility and support solutions ranging from sturdy, non-slip grab rails to shower commodes and chairs. Make your bathroom a safe environment with the minimum outlay and enjoy free shipping in Australia for all of our non-bulky products.

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