Whether you suffer from Dupuytren’s contracture, carpal tunnel syndrome or neurological disorders that cause the hand to tightly curl, as often found in cases of advanced dementia, palm protection is very much worth your consideration. Palm protectors can prevent wounds caused by the fingernails and lower moisture levels and subsequent bacteria or fungal build-up. In a minor way, they will also slow the progress of tendon contraction in the hand.

Palm protectors keep the hand open through a static or inflatable, breathable roll which can be gripped without causing further damage. Palm protectors are either attached with Velcro straps, manufactured in the form of gloves or produced as small, handheld cushions.

At Healthcare Equip, you can choose options that include finger separators, wrist supports, full thickness open ‘boxing glove’ types for the protection of severely-at-risk palms, dynamic splints that can be adjusted using inflation bulbs, and small contracture cushions. All of the items offered by Healthcare Equip are approved for use in residential homes and clinical settings and range from full medical orthoses providing extensive support and palmar protection to simple handheld cushions that lower moisture levels and create distance between the fingernails and the palms.

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