Healthcare Equip supplies various protectors that lower the risk of injury during postsurgical revalidation, protect a painful area from knocks and bangs, provide a soft additional layer above fragile areas of skin and offer additional support in cases of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Hip fractures are a major cause of disability and functional impairment among elderly populations. While fall prevention is key, hip protectors provide an additional level of protection. Most hip protectors consist of plastic shields or foam pads held in place with specially designed underwear. Shields deflect a direct blow, causing it to fall on surrounding soft tissue rather than the femoral neck or intertrochanteric region, the two most common sites of hip joint fractures. Pads absorb a proportion of the shock.

Healthcare Equip also provides alternative protection solutions for various populations. Although we primarily concentrate on ways to improve short and long-term homecare and revalidation settings, many athletes, office workers and nurses come to us in significant numbers looking for ways to prevent or alleviate the general wear and tear daily activities may and do cause.

Our other protectors include bunion splints and toe alignment splints, arch supports, shin protectors, thigh supports, leg troughs, knee separator cushions, hernia belts and arthritic gloves for the support and protection of those parts of the body prone to pain, degeneration, damage and incorrect use.

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