Asthma symptoms can be tracked and managed by way of a peak flow meter and doctors recommend all asthma sufferers have a peak flow meter at home. You will find paediatric and adult peak flow meters and spirometers at Healthcare Equip that are specifically designed to encourage correct use and so provide highly accurate, recordable measurements. After one training event, a six-year old can use our peak flow meters correctly without assistance.

A home peak flow meter is a portable spirometry device that measures how quickly air moves out of the lungs when exhaling. This measurement is known as the peak expiratory flow (PEF). Technique is important to acquire correct results. Through peak flow measurements, one can manage asthma symptoms and prevent an asthma attack, as well as track lung function in various respiratory disorders such as COPD, emphysema and cystic fibrosis.

Parents who have children with asthma can take advantage of our peak flow meters with digitized incentives that improve technique without a learning curve. We even offer an app-based spirometer for easy readings wherever, whenever. Particularly in paediatric asthma, where closed airways can quickly reduce oxygen supply to the tissues, a peak flow meter is essential. Readings from a peak flow meter can help you or your child become familiar with very early changes that may indicate a potential asthma attack. As asthma causes airway muscles to tighten, regular peak flow measurements can alert you to this tightening sometimes days before symptoms appear. Early use of inhalers through successful peak flow will most likely prevent an asthma emergency or, at minimum, give you time to contact your general practitioner, paediatrician or pulmonologist.

Naturally, Healthcare Equip supplies the appropriate accessories for all of our accurate peak flow meters and home spirometers. We specialise in MIR products, a proven leader in respiratory diagnostic devices that use disposable or reusable turbines, plastic or cardboard mouthpieces, and rechargeable batteries. You will even find items such as nose clips to make your peak flow measurement an even simpler experience.

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