Occupational therapy and physical therapy is another method proven to slow down degeneration caused by ageing, help to heal or relieve the pain of damaged joints and muscles, and to improve sensory and motor neuron signalling. What is more, you can do these exercises at home, between private and group physical therapy sessions. Sometimes, a simple massage is in order to warm up cold muscles, release tension and soothe pain. When there is no-one on hand to help, a deep kneading massage cushion or shiatsu chair cushion can do the trick. Prefer a more portable massage solution? What about a massaging heating pad?

Once the muscles are warmed up, use specific exercise therapy aids to improve muscle tone, balance, coordination and metabolism. These include carefully designed exercise equipment like the stability trainer cushion that slowly helps the body to recover after knee, back, hip and ankle surgery or trauma. For improved upper body strength and coordination, try the desktop exercise cycle; a floor model is also available to get the lower limbs moving.

We also provide combined physical therapy machines with hand and foot pedals (not to be used simultaneously) and static exercise bikes, step machines, elliptical trainers, walking and running machines and other equipment that would not look out of place at your High Street gym.

Come to Healthcare Equip for all manner of revalidation equipment. We supply equipment for purchase and often for rental. All articles listed in our catalogue are tried and tested, medical or professional grade solutions for rehabilitation, implemented to keep the body in top condition, whatever your age and whatever your physical capabilities. We also supply shoulder exercise pulley systems, resistance bands and balance balls.

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