Nerve pain can be extremely difficult to treat, yet many sufferers have found relief through the use of electrotherapy devices. The majority of Healthcare Equip electrotherapy device clients have received such treatment in clinical settings and have decided to continue with treatment at home due to its positive results.

Nerve pain is often the result of a temporarily trapped nerve that leads to muscle weakness, loss of sensation and pins and needles. When nerves become damaged through trauma, disease or ageing, these symptoms are no longer temporary. Where surgery is not an option, treating the pain becomes the primary goal. Long-term use of painkillers not only makes their use less effective over time, but continuous analgesia breakdown taxes the liver and kidneys. This is why a non-pharmaceutical method of pain control is always preferred. Nerve pain is caused by electrical impulses sent from damaged nerves to the brain. When these signals are drowned out by other electrical impulses – such as those produced by an electrotherapy device – damaged signals can be either interrupted or blocked and so reduce the sensation of pain.

Healthcare Equip supplies a small selection of electrotherapy devices that have been approved for home use; however, these should only be purchased upon approval by your treating physician. For example, while those with pacemakers are certainly not excluded from electrotherapy treatment, they will need careful evaluation and more regular cardiac monitoring. Furthermore, pregnant women and people suffering from multiple sclerosis with significant nerve damage or epilepsy should never use an electrotherapy device without consulting their physician first. We therefore advise that all of our clients first gain approval from a medical professional who is up to date with your medical history before making use of any of our home electrotherapy devices.

Contact a Healthcare Equip representative to find out more about our different electrotherapy machines to discuss your personal requirements. Personalisation of electrotherapy machines for home use include your preference of low or medium frequency currents, MF, DF, CP and/or LP currents, diadynamic and interferential stimulation, home or portable electrotherapy devices, muscle stimulation (EMS) or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and the range of intensities best suited to your pain type and body type. If any of these terms confuse you, we’ll be happy to explain them.

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