Braces and supports are not only used in the sporting world, although our medical-grade joint support options can certainly be implemented in most scenarios. Healthcare Equip supply proven joint braces and supports for the areas of the body most prone to arthritis, as well as soft tissue supports that lower risk of herniation and provide an additional layer of stability after abdominal or spinal surgery. Braces also provide extra assistance for the obese, protecting the lower joints of lower back, hip, knee and ankle from the long-term wear and tear caused by carrying excess weight.

Starting at the lower limbs, you can choose between ankle supports, knee braces and patella straps. Our ankle supports reduce sprains and ankle ligament tears, as well as the occurrence of fractures. They can relieve the pain caused by gout, tendonitis, nerve compression and arthritis. Furthermore, lower limb supports stabilise unstable joints where the ligaments have stretched over time causing loosening of the joint.

Braces and supports for the elderly should be combined with other mobility aids such as crutches, walkers and wheelchairs to relieve pressure on the painful or stiff joint. Ankle sleeves are handy where the ankle joint is stable as they slightly immobilise the joint in cases of mild strain. Different thicknesses of ankle straps or ankle binders can be wrapped around the ankle but are usually used by athletes. Lace-up ankle straps provide a good level of stability. Hybrid mixes of these types are now available in breathable materials. Speak to a Healthcare Equip representative if you are unsure of the best support for your joints.

For the trunk muscles, we supply trunk braces or trunk orthoses to enable correct postural alignment. For the abdomen, our abdominal binders or compression belts come in various sizes and widths and can be ordered with or without additional lumbar support for increased post-surgical comfort.

For the upper body, you will find a selection of shoulder braces, elbow supports, carpal tunnel splints, hand and wrist braces and neck and head supports at Healthcare Equip.

We supply the best joint support solutions countrywide and often far beyond.

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