Recovering from illness, accident or surgery can often be a long and uncomfortable experience. Attending physiotherapy sessions in a rehabilitation environment is not always possible due to distance or cost. Purchasing rehabilitation equipment for use at home is sometimes the only option. To this end, Healthcare Equip ensures all of its rehabilitation equipment has a place in both clinic and home settings. We make sure they are easy to set up, simple to use and give proven results during this difficult and often frustrating period.

From simple braces and heat pads to specialist exercise equipment, our catalogue provides a great choice of affordable physiotherapy tools. We also include floats for use in swimming pools, vibration platforms, exercise mats, balance and stability equipment, and resistance bands to make sure there is something to suit every type of re-validation. Equipment from our range has been thoroughly assessed for application in a rehabilitation setting and will help to increase comfort, muscle mass, flexibility and circulation in the affected area.

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