Procair Trio Mattress Replacement System

Introducing ProCair by Novis is the latest range of alternating pressure solutions for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.


Harnessing the best in technical innovation, our feature-rich products deliver a complete range of alternating pressure mattress solutions to suit any environment.

The ProCair Pro is our hospital-grade replacement for patients at highest risk superior specialised therapy, optimum infection control, power control unit for fast response and suited to heavier patients.

$6,600.00 Excl. GST

ActivCair Benefit from enhanced dynamic therapy and increased stability with the comfort of 1 in 3 alternation.

AcuteCair Maximum infection control

SafetyCair The ultimate protection from "bottoming out", alternating air cells contain a lower "safety cell" which remains fully inflated to provide greater surface stability and patient safety.

Side Bolsters Static side bolsters increase patient safety and sense of stability, by reducing the risk of cell collapse at side edges.

HeelCair Increased protection and therapy for vulnerable heels with an independent heel zone made up of narrower cells. Designed for individualised therapy to the at-risk heel and lower leg area, while preventing heels from sinking between the cells.

ClimateCair Delivering the maximum warmth and comfort from your alternating pressure system, our ClimateCair cells are constructed from pure thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material for enhanced heat retention qualities.


King Single (2000 x 1050 x 200mm)

Patient Risk Category Very High Risk
Wound Stage 1-4+
Waterlow Score 20-25+
Braden Score <9
Support Surface APM ProCair Pro
Mattress Recommendations Designed for hospital and high end age care needs Ideal for bed bound patients offering the maximum pressure relief. Designed for obease, difficult to move patients. Designed to prevent and treat pressure injuries
Clinical Features 3 cell cycle therapy Full Mattress Replacement Auto weight sensing in cycle time Heel Zone Supportive Side Bolsters
SWL (kg) 20-250kg
ProCair Range Brochure