Procair Prime Mattress Replacement System

The ProCair Prime can be used as a fully alternating pressure mattress and can also be easily converted to a hybrid foam mattress

Easy to set up, the ProCair Prime automatically adjusts the pressure to suit the weight of the patient and does not need a separate pump unit to hang from the bed – it is all built-in! This minimises trip hazards or damage from pumps being bumped off the bed.

$4,199.00 $4,283.00 Excl. GST

AutoCair No more concerns over correct pressure level settings with our AutoCair. This feature's continuous automatic weight sensing technology that delivers fail-safe patient comfort levels.

EasyCair This all-in-one system has a combined mattress and pump with easy setup and does not require a bed end to hang a separate pump. The pump is also protected from potential damage from accidentally being bumped off a bed end. The all-in-one system can be easily and quickly moved between beds.

DuoCair The mattress can easily be converted to a hybrid mattress by adjusting the position of a built-in foam layer. Hybrid mode provides even greater comfort for the patient. It easily and quickly converts back into dynamic mode to step-up to complete pressure off-loading if required.

The ProCair Prime is an all-in-one alternating pressure mattress with an integrated pump and is adaptable for different clinical needs.

Patient Risk Category High Risk
Wound Stage 1-3
Waterlow Score 15-20
Braden Score <12
Support Surface APM ProCair Prime
Mattress Recommendations Designed for high end, home & age care needs. A unique discreetly integrated pump. Easy to set up with automatic weight sensing. Easy conversion to a foam hybrid mattress.
Clinical Features 2 cell cycle therapy Full Mattress Replacement Automatic weight sensing in cycle time. Carer/patient handset controller
SWL (kg) 30-200kg
ProCair Range Brochure