The different types of mattress offered to those with mobility issues or chronic pain can be overwhelming. From foam to fibres, and from mattress toppers to complete electrical systems, making the right choice might often feel like a case of pot luck.

That’s never the case with Healthcare Equip! If you would like specialist advice on the types of mattress that may either encourage a better night’s sleep, lower the risk of pressure ulcers, support the spine or withstand night-time incontinence, please contact us. We will need to know some personal details such as your weight and height, whether you sleep in the same bed as your partner, if you would appreciate waterproof alternatives and whether you suffer from any disabilities in order to recommend the best mattress solutions.

Sometimes, changing an entire mattress is a step too far either for your budget or perhaps because your partner finds the present sleeping arrangement comfortable. In such cases, toppers or overlays may be the answer. Healthcare Equip supplies a range of mattress topper solutions for all shapes, sizes and physical requirements.

Where a new mattress is a worthwhile investment, we are also here to help. While memory foam mattresses are becoming increasingly popular, some of us find them too hard or soft. Those with allergies may prefer a natural fibre-based ticking with anti-allergenic and antimicrobial properties to reduce airway inflammation while sleeping. Furthermore, many healthcare equipment suppliers in Australia only supply single mattresses that require a double purchase for a double bed or a very ill-fitting solution for king-size beds. Our multiple sizes include dynamic air support, static air support, memory foam, natural fibre and mid to high density foam features to ensure the best night’s sleep for all of our individual customers.

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