The addition of gel centres to foam or memory foam cushions enhances wheelchair and chair seating comfort due to a superior and therapeutic level of pressure redistribution, skin and deeper tissue protection, and easier positioning at home, in the car and when visiting relatives or friends unable to provide home healthcare aids. By accompanying high density foam with a central single or dual chamber gel-filled compartment, the user is encouraged to sit in a correct posture and so reduce the aches and pains associated with long periods of sitting down.

The Healthcare Equip selection of gel cushions features contours for comfortable leg abduction that further simplify changing position and encourage correct pelvic positioning.

All covers are waterproof and low-friction, cancelling out those forces responsible for the development of pressure sores and friction burns. The non-slip bottom surface prevents slips and falls and improves stability. All materials are waterproof with low-shear features that provide comfort and protection for the user’s skin. For the ultimate in enhanced seated comfort with an eye to prevent pressure injuries and improve posture, combination foam and gel cushions are the ideal solution.

Gel cushions are available in various sizes to fit normal and bariatric wheelchairs and armchairs. A single-layered series can be placed on top of stable, non-slip sofa seats to provide comfort for the entire family.

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