Low density foam cushions are most often used for upholstery and less applicable to homecare settings. You won’t find any low density cushions at Healthcare Equip; however, we offer a selection of high density foam and memory foam alternatives for our clients.

These cushions are a wonderful gift idea that will increase comfort in a favourite but not so comfortable armchair or thinly upholstered wheelchair. Naturally, we supply foam cushions of many sizes, all of which are covered with waterproof, low-friction and non-slip fabrics for easy cleaning and safe seating.

Foam cushions can also be used in vehicles, not only to increase comfort on longer journeys but also to add height to the often low seating of family cars and so simplify getting in and out without excess strain on the lower back, hips and knees. This solution is also of use for those lacking in upper body strength.

Many foam cushion versions come with straps for permanent fixture and all of our foam seating aids broadly redistribute pressure and resist the build up of moisture due to sweating or incontinence. We also supply extra-wide bariatric foam cushions or bariatric memory foam cushions for those of a larger build.

Cushions can be used for short-term revalidation after traumatic joint, vascular and abdominal surgeries. Just like getting into and out of a car, sitting on and rising from a low level sofa or chair can lead to unnecessary strain on the joints and muscles; adding an extra layer rather than purchasing new furnishings is the perfect solution for post-surgical and post-treatment revalidation for more temporary conditions.

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