Static air cushions and dynamic air cushions have been used in hospitals for years to prevent pressure sore development and increase patient comfort. These helpful aids quickly moved into residential environments, being a cost-efficient, low maintenance and effective piece of healthcare equipment for those with mobility and balance problems.

Formerly known as anti-decubitus cushions, static cushions are the result of individual but interconnected air cells that allow a mattress or chair cushion to adjust immediately to body shape without over-expanding other air cells. This is the best design for those at high to very high risk of developing pressure sores or pressure ulcers; however, this quiet, comfortable cushion type is often ordered by young customers who spend a long time on the computer and are considered to be at very low risk. Extremely comfortable and without any type of electric air pumping system, many of our office-worker clientele also prefer air cushions to their memory foam alternatives. You will find static air cushions in all sizes at Healthcare Equip.

Dynamic cushions or alternating cushions are also used for those at high to very high risk of developing pressure sores. These are less recommended for those simply looking for a comfortable seat, as the noise of the alternating air motor can be distracting. Also based upon a series of soft air cells, air is blown through the cell network to create different levels of pressure at different times, gently massaging and stimulating to improve circulation while significantly lowering the time and force of pressure on a single area.

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