Wedge cushions can be used as lateral bed supports and as foot or head heightening aids when lying down, and to improve seated posture in the form of seat wedges.

Bed wedges allow angled back and leg support and are available in varying sizes. Our wipe clean, non-slip wedges can be placed on the mattress and under the sheet and mimic the results of electric beds with adjustable foot and head sections. For less rigid, short-term upper body support in bed, try a batwing pillow.

Alternatively, mattress tilters are placed under the mattress with much the same effect. Raising the head end of the bed can make breathing easier and reduce snoring, lower the risk of aspiration in those who are unable to swallow, lower the symptoms of acid reflux and GERD, and reduce back pain. They are also handy when you like to read or watch TV in bed.

The right-angled triangle form of a wedge cushion means you can place it on its short or long sides for full or partial back support. Mattress tilters placed under the mattress at the foot end encourage venous return and reduce oedema and pressure on the lower back. We also supply wedge cushions for use in wheelchairs and vehicles to encourage a more comfortable posture and less strain to the ligaments and muscles surrounding the spine.

Naturally, these cushions can also be used on dining chairs and armchairs with the same results. Healthcare Equip always has a broad range of cushion sizes in stock to suit every furniture type.

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