Tumble Forms 2 Wedges

Tumble Forms 2 Wedges are one of the most versatile therapy tools available. Ideal for gross motor activities such as rolling, tumbling, and walking.



Tumble Forms 2 Wedges

They also provide comfortable positioning for reading or fine motor activities. Can be used as an alternative to sitting when a child lacks head control, balance or trunk control. No colour choice. Latex free.

Potential uses include…

  • Promoting weight bearing on upper extremities (such as shoulders, elbows and extended forearms)
  • Facilitating head rising and controlled movement
  • Promoting extension of hips and knees
  • Facilitating rolling skills

Compatible Accessories

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102mm/508mm/559mm/8°, 152mm/508mm/559mm/15º, 203mm/508mm/559mm/17°, 254mm/508mm/559mm/22.5°, 152mm/610mm/711mm/10°, 203mm/610mm/711mm/14°, 254mm/610mm/711mm/18°, 305mm/610mm/711mm/22.5°