Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Lyer

Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Lyer minimises the time a therapist, teacher, or aide needs to monitor the positioning of neurologically impaired children.



Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Lyer

While decreasing abnormal extension, it provides a supportive learning environment enabling the child to focus on activities in front of them. Side positioning decreases abnormal extension, maintains shoulder protraction and allows the arms to be placed in midline position. Uses include improved head control, improving forearm, hand function and hand-eye coordination and or postural drainage.

The 1065 x 585mm base is angled so that gravity helps position the child. Two soft easy to use straps permit infinite adjustment. Two accessory block modules 75 x 125 x 280mm can be used as a headrest or for leg abduction (not included). The seamless soft upholstery is resistant to urine and is easy to clean. Measures 355mm deep. Backrest 230mm high. Latex free. No colour choice.

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Universal Side Lyer, Optional Block Modules, Spare Side Lyer Strap