Tumble Forms 2 Universal Pediatric Corner Chair

This positioning alternative keeps the child’s shoulders flexed to help them better focus on fine motor activities on the tray in front.


Tumble Forms 2 Universal Pediatric Corner Chair

The Corner Chair also helps maintain leg extension and reduces extensor thrust. Chair padding allows child to maintain sitting position for longer periods. One size fits children up through adolescence with a maximum height of 152cm.


  • Broad base helps prevent tipping
  • Integral abductor block supports the removable tray
  • Tray is removable, adjustable to 30°
  • Includes hip positioning belt & height adjustable H-harness
  • Washable, stain and urine-resistant and non-toxic
  • Weight capacity: approximately 56kg

Compatible Accessories

  • H-Strap (PAT4542H)
  • Buckle Strap (PAT9110)
  • Tray (PAT924590)
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