Tumble Forms 2 Tadpole Paediatric Positioner

Tumble Forms 2 Tadpole Paediatric Positioner is suitable for infants from birth to age three with cerebral palsy, motor delays, or other motor dysfunctions.



Tumble Forms 2 Tadpole Paediatric Positioner

This multi-use unit as an essential part of an effective therapy program. Ideal for clinic or home-based use. The latex-free Tadpole positioner includes a carrying bag to conveniently store all modules: 860 x 480mm Base, Half Roll, Wedge, and Tray with Mirror for creative positioning. 

The therapist can create passive, active and developmental exercises for the user. Uses include positioning (side lying, prone, supine or sitting), weight bearing to particular body areas (e.g. pelvis, arms), vestibular activity and or postural drainage. The soft Tumble Forms 2 covering is easy to clean, non-toxic and latex free.



The Tadpole offers a range of positioning options


With the half roll and two lateral supports, the Tadpole Positioner facilitates active body extension, head
flexion, chest elevation and forward propping of arms for midline hand touching. The mirrored unit encourages the child’s curiosity. The log roll can be placed under the base for vestibular activities.


The log roll can be attached to base for side-lying to facilitate control of lateral head and trunk movements. The base can be propped up to position the child for improved respiration.


The base and wedge modules can be used together for long leg or log roll sitting. Either side of wedge may be used depending on the desired degree of upright or reclined position. The attached tray provides additional support and a surface area for activities.

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Full Kit, Half Roll, Wedge, Tray With Mirror, Base