Tumble Forms 2 Ready Racer

The Tumble Forms 2 Ready Racer is a pre-wheelchair mobility aid that combines wheelchair handling with fun, sports car styling.


Tumble Forms 2 Ready Racer

It helps to improve motor skills, strengthens the arms and upper trunk and allows the child to play at peer level. Designed for indoor use, the Ready Racer is easily manoeuvred in tight spaces and moves easily over carpet and rough surfaces. It requires minimal arm strength to move it. The chassis is made from high density foam and covered with a moisture proof, easy to clean covering. The rear tyres are pneumatic. The ergonomic seat has 15° flexion at the knee and a 90° seat-back angle. It has a safety hip strap set at 45°. The low front allows easy self-transfer. It is recommended for children aged 18 months to 5 years. A handle that adjusts from 600 to 914mm is available as an accessory. 


  • Overall Size:
    • Length: 890mm
    • Width: 560mm
    • Depth: 510mm
  • Inner Seat Size:
    • Length: 584mm
    • Width: 241mm
    • Depth: 342mm
    • Weight: 13.2kg

Compatible Accessories

  • Optional Adjustable Handle (PAT4770RA)
  • Hip Strap (PAT928287)
  • Spare Wheel Castor (PAT928303)
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