Tumble Forms 2 Jettmobile

The Jettmobile facilitates the development of upper extremity strength and endurance and incorporates sensory stimulating activity.



Tumble Forms 2 Jettmobile

Helps to develop neck, shoulder and arm muscle coordination while the child advances in an extended position. It has ball castors that are safely concealed by protective fenders and it is provided with an abductor wedge, chest wedge, two small positioning half moon shapes and a hip strap. Available in two sizes. Latex free.


  • Child size is 710mm long. For children up to 1020mm tall and 56kg.
  • Adolescent size is 970mm longĀ  For children up to 1520mm tall and 90kg.

Compatible Accessories

  • Half Moon Spacer – Pair (PAT924769)
  • Front Castor with Brake – Individual (PAT928301)
  • Front Castor without Brake – Individual (PAT928302)
  • Add-On Leg Abductor Wedge (PAT4768B)
  • Accessory Wedge – 280 x 254 x 64mm (PAT9101)
  • Buckle Strap, 1015mm (AT9107)
  • Buckle Strap, 1118mm (PAT9108)
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