Healthcare Equip supplies lumbar support pillows, back support belts and lumbar braces for anyone who is suffering from acute or chronic back pain, recovering from spinal surgery or unable to make continuous corrections to posture. Lumbar support usually only refers to the lower spine, but lumbar support aids are often much more broadly categorised, covering the entire length of the spine.

Back pain affects just over 15% of the Australian population. Pain can be present in the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum and coccyx and at varying degrees that depend on nerve supply and nerve damage, spine shape, external forces (pressure, weight, rotation), degeneration of cartilage and bone tissue, surrounding muscle strength and physical activity levels.

Healthcare Equip cervical spine or neck supports include specially shaped cushions, soft neck braces and even those low-cost blow-up U-shaped cushions we use when sleeping or relaxing on long journeys. Thoracic braces or supports for the thoracic lumbar spine include what are commonly referred to as posture belts, as they push back the shoulders and add sturdy support at the level of the upper back. Hunched shoulders are often the cause of thoracic level back pain.

Lumbar supports for back pain include seat pads for those who spend a lot of time travelling, in the office or at a computer. Naturally, lumbar supports are also useful for those with limited mobility. These supports are designed to reinforce the spine’s natural curvature and some even come with cooling or heating systems to provide additional pain relief. Back braces and wearable back supports are no longer the stiff, uncomfortable posture aids that made a final appearance in the late eighties and early nineties. New, lightweight but sturdy and efficient designs are first put on and then adjusted, providing minimum discomfort at all times. Materials are breathable and extremely adjustable, providing back pain relief for all sizes. Easy to wear under clothes and with strong vertical stays that prevent rolling are just a few of the features you will be able to select from the lumbar support assortment at Healthcare Equip.

Finally, sacrum and coccyx supports include coccyx cushions that slightly push the pelvis forward and integrate a cut-out feature that prevents tailbone contact with the seat of a chair, sofa or stool. Thickness does not affect quality; some sufferers of coccydynia or tailbone pain will find more relief with a thin cushion, some with a thicker version. You may need to try different cushion thicknesses before making your choice.

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