Immedia OneWayGlide Non Slip Cushion

Immedia OneWayGlide Non Slip Cushion is a cushion that allows sliding easily in one direction whilst resisting sliding in the other direction. It is suitable to resist users from sliding forward when sitting.

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For controlled and easy positioning in the chair

The Immedia OneWayGlide is used for positioning in chair,  wheelchair etc.

The OneWayGlide Non Slip Cushion assists positioning back in the chair and helps to prevent the user from sliding forward. It is available in many variations for didnt needs and comfort.

OneWayGlide Non Slip Cushion

OneWayGlide Long

The Immedia Non Slip Cushion OneWayGlide Long is a long and open cushion with handles and a velour top surface. The length allows for repositioning to be performed several times in one application. The handles provide a good grip, allowing the caregiver to ­assist. Available in two options; with or without tie strings. The tie strings are used to tie the cushion to the wheelchair frame when necessary.

OneWayGlide Non Slip Cushion


The Non Slip Cushion eases repositioning when the user slides forward in the wheelchair.

OneWayGlide Non Slip Cushion


To move backwards in the wheelchair the user must lean forward, hold the armrest and push towards the backrest using her arms and, if possible, legs.

OneWayGlide Non Slip Cushion


When the user is upright again, the unique design of the Non Slip cushion​ will prevent the user from sliding out of the chair.

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