EasyGlide Oval Slide Board Mini

EasyGlide Oval Slide Board Mini are a pair of sliding boards that make positioning back into a chair easier for both caregivers and users.



EasyGlide Oval Slide Board Mini

EasyGlide, oval 45 x 20cm are used in pairs to facilitate positioning further back in chair. The smaller size makes it easier to place the sliding boards under the user’s thighs and seat. The sliding boards are small and convenient, with soft, round shapes and smooth surfaces; features which make them very easy to place and remove and to always have readily available and close at hand.

EasyGlide Oval Slide Board Features

  • Small and handy size, round shapes and smooth surfaces.
  • Quick and easy placing and removal.
  • Practical; very convenient to always have close at hands.
  • Eliminates the friction under the user and makes it very easy to position the user further back in the chair.
  • More active users can push themselves backwards in the chair.
  • Very easy to use; quick-guide on the underside.
  • Hygienic; can be disinfected with 70 % ethanol, 45 % isopropanol or similar after use.
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