Repositioning is not only done to carry out daily care tasks or sit or lie more comfortably but is a frequently implemented pressure injury prevention strategy for those with reduced mobility. Pressure injuries or pressure sores are extremely undesired events caused by the mechanical factors of pressure, shearing and friction. These forces can result in localized damage to the skin and underlying tissue. In 2012–2013, estimated costs of A$983 million were required to treat pressure injuries in Australian public hospitals; how these figures compare to those of the homecare environment are not yet known.

Regular repositioning is essential in the prevention of pressure sores, as is continence management, support surfaces, education and skin protection. Cushions and glide mats supplied by Healthcare Equip are designed for easy use (in the case of glide and lock sheets, by the patient even without assistance) and are easy to clean, waterproof and low-friction. All of these features contribute to national pressure injury prevention guidelines.

We also supply pressure cushions using memory foam technology that mould themselves according to body weight and form, and alternating cushions for long-term wheelchair use or for those who spend long periods sitting such as computer programmers, gamers and office workers. Padded mattress covers, alternating mattress covers and waterproof cushioning solutions for beds, wheelchairs, armchairs and sofas all lower the risk of developing pressure sores.

Whether you are a healthcare worker, a family member or are yourself limited in mobility, regular repositioning should be a priority. Take away the strain and discomfort of repositioning through the implementation of transfer airs such as glide mats and glide and lock seats; increase comfort while decreasing pressure, shear and friction forces through the use of our specially developed, medical-grade cushions.

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