Immedia Patient Turner HipTurner

The Patient Turner HipTurner is especially designed for turning a patient and supporting them in a static position on their side, while also creating space for placing a bed pan under the patient, for ­personal hygiene, ulcer care or dressing.


Immedia Patient Turner HipTurner

Special aid for turning and static support in bed

The Patient Turner Hipturner makes it possible for the caregiver to maintain a good working position thus minimising strain. Turning with help of Immedia HipTurner can be performed manually or in combination with a hoist.

Intended use

The HipTurner can be used for turning in bed and support static positioning on one side. It facilitate placing bed pan, personal ­hygiene, ulcer care or dressing. The Immedia HipTurner can also be used in combination with hoist.

Patient Turner HipTurner
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Width x Length x Height - 400 x 200 x 50 mm