Cleverly designed straps and turners that take the strain out of repositioning, personal hygiene and wound care increase comfort for the care receiver and reduce risk of injury for sole caregivers.

Healthcare Equip supplies small and large support aids that allow an extra level of support for frail, physically disabled or recovering users. These include the QuickMove Sit Stand Support that, through simple counterbalance engineering, helps the user to rise with very little effort. While this machine requires a significant investment, Healthcare Equip store-wide discounts in combination with humm payment plans makes this extremely useful piece of equipment affordable.

For smaller items that make short-distance transfers and repositioning easier on both the care receiver and caregiver we recommend our range of Immedia products manufactured by the Scandinavian Etac company, a group dedicated to designing daily aids for those with severe mobility problems living in home or residential care environments. Their HipTurner allows sole caregivers to place patients on either side; the slide sheet makes turning easier, while an integrated board holds the person in position as the caregiver carries out personal hygiene tasks or wound care, or places a bed pan, for example. You might also want to try the Immedia OneManSling that enables a single caregiver to pull a patient higher up in bed without effort.

Support aids also need to support the caregiver. Family members taking care of a loved one with mobility issues appreciate the wide choice of options Healthcare Equip has on offer. In fact, many professional caregivers recommend our catalogue of daily living aids to those who want to take over daily care tasks without increased risk of injury.

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