ReTurn Sit Stand Support

ReTurn Sit Stand Support enables safe and active sit-to-stand and transfer to or from a bed, a wheelchair or a toilet seat.



ReTurn Sit Stand Support

ReTurn Sit Stand Support is an easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive device providing convenient and natural support for sit-to-stand and transfer, but it is also a rehabilitation device. ReTurnenables safe and active sit-to-stand and transfer to or from bed, wheelchair or toilet. ReTurn can also be used to facilitate repositioning farther back in a chair or wheelchair.

For the caregiver, ReTurn enables easy transfers without any heavy lifting. For users who still retain some degree of strength, ReTurn stimulates the natural pattern of movement during sit-to-stand, while at the same time strengthening the muscles and functional ability. This makes it the ideal assistive device in a rehab unit, and a user who uses ReTurn at home can normally live at home longer with the help of only one caregiver.

ReTurnBelt is an excellent complement to ReTurn Sit Stand Support when there is a need for greater support and stability; for example, when the user’s weight-bearing ability is questionable or varies. 

ReTurn7400 Sit Stand Support

  • For shorter adults and children.
  • ReTurn7400 has a low rising ladder that is ideal for shorter adults and children.
  • It also works well in special care situations, such as in an x-ray unit.
  • ReTurn7400 is intended for users weighing max. 150kg/330lbs.
Sit Stand Support
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ReTurn7500i Sit Stand Support​

  • ReTurn7500i has a rising ladder which has an opening for quick and easy hooking of the ReTurnBelt.
  • Appropriate for most adult users weighing max. 150kg/330lbs.
  • Has an opening for the ReTurnBelt.

ReTurn7600 Sit Stand Support

  • This model therefore features a wider base plate, providing more space for larger and heavier users.
  • ReTurn7600 also has lower-leg supports that are adapted for larger users.
  • A rising ladder that is both higher and wider than the rising ladders on ReTurn7500 and ReTurn7400.
  • ReTurn7600 has been developed for users weighing max. 205kg/450lbs.
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Compatible Accessories

ReTurnBelt Lower Back Support Belt S 90-105cm (HAN6033) – $199.00

ReTurnBelt Lower Back Support Belt M 105-125cm (HAN6034) – $209.00

ReTurnBelt Lower Back Support Belt L 125-145cm (HAN6035) – $209.00

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