Transfer from a seated position to a standing one is an action most of us take for granted. However, the ability to get up from a chair or wheelchair is often lacking in the elderly or those with neurological disorders and other disabilities. Being able to rise from a seated position is important to maintain independence. Up to 50% of elderly populations state that they have difficulty standing; this often means they must look for new, expensive alternatives such as raised furniture and lift and tilt chairs.

The sit to stand motion requires an initial leaning forward of the trunk before lifting can commence. Leaning forward in individuals with balance issues can lead to falls. Hip flexion is also necessary, and those having undergone recent hip surgery will understand the limitations of a sore or stiff hip joint. The hip and knee joints must then extend to attain an upright position. This movement exerts extensive shear and compressive forces to the knee joints, another area where arthritis can prevent a safe sit to stand motion.

Healthcare Equip provides a range of lift and tilt and raised seat furniture for purchase or rental; however, we also understand that these items require investment. Sometimes a more cost-efficient method is necessary.

To this end, we supply various budget sit to stand transfer aids. These include nonslip foot mats, bed hand blocks to enable easier rising out of bed, and stand assist frames, all of which can be safely used without home assistance. For those who have access to family or healthcare workers, we also provide wheeled turn and transfer solutions, transfer discs and handling belts to further simplify the action of standing from a sitting position.

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