AutoSlide Car Seat Positioner

AutoSlide Car Seat Positioner reduces the effort when turning and moving sideways to readjust the sitting position before and during the journey.



AutoSlide Car Seat Positioner

 The device is very simple to fit and use. The seat cushions are firmly attached to the backs of car seats, so users cannot slide forward. The handles at the sides of the seat cushion allow for giving a helping hand. The outer surface and straps are made of polyester. The inside surfaces is made of ULF (Ultra Low Friction), Handicare’s own unique sliding material.


  • AutoSlide facilitates getting into and out of cars and reduces the effort when readjusting the sitting position before and during the journey.
  • The soft, padded surface provides for a comfortable journey.
  • The ULF sliding material reduces friction under buttocks.
  • Robust handles enable carers to provide assistance.
  • Secure fitting in the car seat prevents users from sliding forward.
AutoSlide Car Seat Positioner 2
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