Slipping toward the edge or side of a chair can be an uncomfortable experience for those with mobility issues. Returning to an upright position requires significant upper body strength and muscle coordination. In cases of neurological disorder such as partial paralysis, and for elderly residents in care homes or living at home with or without assistance, seated transfer aids provide an extra level of help, safety and support.

Glide and lock sheets for wheelchairs and armchairs aid movement and positioning in a seated position and feature a non-slip side that keeps the entire sheet firmly in place, so avoiding falls. These sheets are composed of a waterproof, vapour-permeable cover and can be used with or without help. Available in various sizes for different seating types, and also in larger sizes and lengths for beds, glide sheets simply slide backwards into a secure position and lock the sheet into place. Not only do these seated transfer aids prevent falls, they also reduce friction to fragile skin. Breathable materials reduce sweating and all glide sheets are machine washable.

Rotary transfer cushions on chairs and wheelchairs enable those with restricted mobility to change position or enter vehicles. Especially recommended for manual wheelchairs and static chairs where repositioning of the entire chair requires effort, rotary transfer chair cushions rotate the lower body to approximate 45 degree angles to either side. These cushions make sitting at a table, ironing, entering a vehicle or turning from one desk-based office task to another a low-energy activity.

For immobile patients living at home with assistance and in possession of a patient lift, Healthcare Equip also supplies deep back support slings that transport the person from one area of a room to another while remaining in a seated position.

We also provide other seated transfer aids in frame or cane form that can remain beside a favourite chair, sofa or armchair to provide a permanent aid for repositioning, sitting down and standing from a seated position.

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