Immedia Non Slip Mat

The Non Slip Mat is a high friction pad that can be used when increased friction is desired. Use on the floor for increased resistance or on a matress for increased manoeuvrability.



Immedia Non Slip Mat

When increased friction is required

The non slip mat can for instance be placed under the feet to stay and support the user when moving themselves higher up in bed. 

NonSlip Roll is a high friction material on a roll that can be cut to the desired size. Rolls are 150 cm wide and available in two lengths; 5 meters or 30 meters.

SKU: IM224 Category:
- Square Width x Length x Height 380 x 480 x 5 mm IM2248
- 5 m, grey Width x Length 1500 x 5000 mm IM2246
- 30 m, grey Width x Length 1500 x 30000 mm IM2247