Immedia Transfer Mattress

The Transfer Mattress facilitates horizontal transfer between two supine positions, such as bed to bed, bed to shower trolley, bed to x-ray table, etc.
Choose from Narrow or wide mattress, separate covers or a set which includes mattress and cover.



Immedia Transfer Mattress

Soft padded mattress for horizontal transfer

The Transfer Mattress can be used for turning in bed, for instance from “face up” to “face down”. The Immedia TransferMattress is made of a soft padded cotton/polyester material and available in two widths, 60 cm and 70 cm.

Combined with a cover 
The Immedia TransferMatress can be combined with a waterproof nylon cover or a disposable cover.Immedia TransferMattress should not be used if there is a gap between the two transfer surfaces.
Intended Use
The intended use for Immedia TransferMattress is to transfer between bed, shower trolley, stretcher as well as x-ray table and operating table. It can also be used for turning in bed.

Transfer Mattress
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Transfer Mattress