Small assistance solutions for mobile patient transfer reduce risk of injury to caregivers and patients. At Healthcare Equip, we offer a number of top patient transfer aids in the form of transfer boards, patient turners and turning sheets, slide sheets, handling belts, rotating seats, swivel cushions and transfer turntables that take the strain out of patient care. Mobile patients will appreciate our swivel cushion that enables easier entrance and exit from chairs without armrests or vehicle seating.

Ergonomically-designed transfer aids are important in every setting where mobility and flexibility is an issue. Such aids are essential to ensure long-term caring careers as they significantly reduce the risk of injury to nurses, carers and assistance services, and family members. In addition, they simplify those movements many of us take for granted, such as turning in bed, getting out of the bed or chair and taking a few steps with assistance. From hospitals to private homes, Healthcare Equip patient transfer aids reduce the discomfort and strain from simple, daily care-based activities.

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