Keeping track of your vital signs can alert you to physiological changes, whether these are improvements or cause for concern. Vital sign monitoring is no longer seen as the domain of the physician and with Healthcare Equip monitoring systems can be used to keep tabs on oxygen levels, heart rate and blood pressure to check response to therapy, exercise, new medications and daily activities.

Personal monitoring devices supplied by Healthcare Equip are approved for medical use without the usually associated high medical prices. We bring the hospital to the home, allowing caregivers and individuals the opportunity to keep an accurate check on response to therapy and activity throughout the day and night.

We supply a wide range of portable, user-friendly and extremely reliable pulse oximeters in fingertip and handheld models. The convenience and accuracy of Healthcare Equip pulse ox devices provide medical-grade data for customers that range from mountaineers to pilots working in non-pressurised aircraft, and from divers to amateur or professional athletes. In the home setting, our customers include those suffering from oxygen deprivation through conditions such as sleep apnoea and COPD, as well as for those receiving supplementary oxygen as short- or long-term therapy. Naturally, caregivers also find regular recording of the blood oxygen levels of their patients an important method in which to chart their charges’ physical progress.

Healthcare Equip similarly supplies a range of vital signs monitors that can also be found in medical facilities across the globe. The home setting should never mean a lower standard than hospital-grade; that’s why we select only the most accurate vital sign monitoring devices for our homecare equipment catalogue. All equipment is supplied with instructions for use and is simple to implement. You can purchase blood pressure measuring devices, blood pressure cuffs in all sizes and even portable electrocardiogram machines for accurate home monitoring at Healthcare Equip.

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