Pelican Manufacturing Lifting Sling RPH Keyhole Access

The Hoist Sling RPH Keyhole Access has the advantage that it is easy to undress patients.  While the patient is in the sling it saves two unnecessary lifts, to put a patient on a bed and to undress and dress them.


Pelican Manufacturing

This lifting sling with keyhole access saves two unnecessary lifts

The lifting sling with RPH Keyhole access​ is a keyhole plate toileting sling. It is easy to undress the patient in the sling and saves two unnecessary lifts. It has a built in keyhole plate safety strap.

Lifting Sling RPH Keyhole Access

The sling can pick up from the floor or a bed. However, as it does not have a head section, a Carer should sit the patient up before fitting the Sling. If the patient is lying down, help support the patient’s head until they have been lifted into the sitting position. A webbing handle is provided at the back of the Sling to help guide patients into chairs. Normally however, the patient, already in a good sitting position, can be lowered directly into a chair.
Safe Working Load (SWL): 220kg /485lbs

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White, All Day, Blue Mesh, Polyester Blue