Pelican Manufacturing Lifting Sling Hammock with Chair Pad

The Hoist Sling Hammock with chair pad is ideal for patients who may move around alot in the sling. It has a non-slip backing and a chair pad is sewn to the inside. The non-slip backing keeps the sling in position in the chair.


Pelican Manufacturing

This lifting sling is more comfortable than the split leg sling design

The lifting sling hammock with chair pad has a non-slip backing. The Sling will therefore not move or bunch up under the patient when the patient is lowered into a chair. Most fall out or lounge chairs use a vinyl type material which can be uncomfortable and may increase sweating.

The sling hammock with chair reduces manual handling as there is no need to remove the Sling or refit when lifting the patient out of the chair. This reducess stress for the patient and maintains their dignity.
The breathable chair pad insulates the patient with the vinyl covered seat. There is no need to log roll large patients and the sling does not crease under the patient or slip in chair.
Safe Working Load: 200kg / 440lbs

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White, All Day, Blue Mesh, Polyester Blue