Pelican Manufacturing Lifting Sling General Purpose

The general purpose lifting sling is suitable for use with a variety of lifting hoists. It is available in many different materials and is comfortable and easy to use.


Pelican Manufacturing

This lifting sling is for general purpose use

The general purpose lifting sling is available in four different material colours.
To use place the back of the Sling behind the patient’s back so the bottom of the Sling is next to the coccyx area. The stitches in the middle of the Sling should be parallel with the patient’s spine.

The leg sections should go under the patient’s legs. Thread the webbing from one leg section through the loop on the opposite leg webbing.


Hoist Sling General Purpose

Safe Working Load: 220kg / 440lbs

Pelican Manufacturing Material Colours
Pelican Manufacturing Material Colours
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White, All Day, Blue Mesh, Polyester Blue