Pelican Manufacturing Dex Lifting Sling RPH Keyhole

The Dex Lifting Sling RPH Keyhole is a full body keyhole plate sling. It has head support with split leg sections to allow easier fitting, and is available in a variety of materials.


Pelican Manufacturing

The Dex Lifting Sling is A full body keyhole plate Sling

The lifting sling has split legs and built-in keyhole plate safety straps. This Sling comes with keyhole plates to fit onto Tilt Frame Hoists that have mushroom studs to attach the keyhole plates to.

Safe Working Load: 220kg / 485lbs

Lifting Sling RPH Keyhole Dex Sling
Item #SizeHeightShoulder WidthHip WidthWebbing Colour
771XExtra Small73cm / 28.5″42cm / 16.5″63cm / 25″Brown
771Small82cm / 28.5″62cm / 24.5″80cm / 31.5″Red
773Medium90cm / 35.5″66cm / 26″83cm / 32.5″Yellow
770Large90cm / 35.5″92cm / 36″94cm / 35.5″Green
772Extra Large105cm / 41.5″96cm / 38″114cm / 45″Blue

Special sizes made on request.


Cleaning & Care Instructions

Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing. We recommend using a Pelican Washing Bag to help contain the straps.

Lifting Slings Materials

Standard WhiteNylonThis is called a solid material, as it is not a Mesh or Netting material that has holes in the material. The Nylon has some slipperiness, to make it easier to slide down behind a patient’s back, when they are sitting in a chair.
Blue MeshPolyesterThis is a soft and comfortable Mesh with small holes. The holes can be cooler for the patient. Sometimes this material will be used for showering or in a bath.
Polyester BluePolyesterA comfortable, solid material, like the Nylon material, but not as slippery.
All Day Sling MaterialNylonA strong, thin material with a Rip Stop thread in the material, to help reduce or prevent ripping. As the material is breathable the Slings can be left under the patients sitting in chairs. This reduces the need to remove the Sling after the patient has been hoisted into a chair, and then replace the Sling to pick them up again. Available for all sizes except Extra Large/Heavy Duty.

Please select the most appropriate material and sling design for the patient, but remember, if the patient’s condition changes, it may be necessary to use a different material and design of sling. 

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White, Polyester Blue, All Day Sling, Blue Mesh