Pelican Manufacturing Bosun Chair Hoist Sling

The Bodex Hoist Sling is a quick to fit and easy to remove Sling. It is more like a bosun’s chair type sling than a conventional lifting Sling. The advantage of this Sling is that it is easy to undress patients while in the Sling.


Pelican Manufacturing

The Bodex Hoist Swing is is designed for use with hoists that have a keyhole plate tilt frame

The Bodex Hoist Swing has many advantages but the most significant would be that with this Sling it is easy to undress patients while still in the Sling. It saves two unnecessary lifts to put a patient on a bed to undress and dress them. It can also be left behind the patient without adverse pressure problems, but as it is such an easy Sling to put on and remove, most Carers will remove the Sling rather than leave it behind a patient.

We incorporate special Safety Straps with our Slings as an extra safety measure.

The Bodex Hoist Sling can pick up the patient from the floor or bed. However, as it does not have a head section, a Carer should sit the patient up before fitting the Sling. If the patient is lying down, help to support the patient’s head and shoulders until they have been lifted into the sitting position. Webbing handles are provided at the back of the Sling to help guide patients into chairs. However, as the patient is already in a good sitting position, they could be lowered directly into a chair. This is particularly helpful if the chair has positioning inserts.


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