Pelican Manufacturing Bosun Chair Hoist Patient Sling with full back support

The Bosun Chair Hoist Sling is a full back toileting Sling which is quick to fit and easy to remove. It is very much like the standard Hoist Sling. The difference is that is has the added feature of full back support.


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The Bosun Chair Hoist Sling with full back support

The Bosuns chair hoist sling with full back support offers slightly better comfort than the non backed version. The full back padding offers added support and is ideal for toileting.

This hoist sling is similar to the Access Sling however the straps on the Access Sling lift from the legs and in front of the patient’s chest so this is only suitable for patients who will not lean back and go into extension. The Chair Sling has straps behind the patient’s back that prevent them from going into extension.
When used with the Side Straps to give extra leaning stability, the Bosun Chair Sling gives more control for the placid patients who may have Cerebral Palsy, stroke patients or people who go into extension.

Pelican Manufacturing Material Colours
Pelican Manufacturing Material Colours

Safe Working Load: 220kg / 485lbs 

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