Patient lifts or hoists are essential for homecare settings where sole care workers are expected to carry out a broad range of tasks with their physically disabled patients.

Healthcare Equip supplies compact, foldable patient lift designs, even for small rooms with limited floor space or where storage is a problem. All of our patient lifts consist of strong but lightweight metal frames and are manufactured according to the strictest health equipment standards.

Our lifts support a wide variety of weights and body types, and also provide ergonomically designed electrical or manual operation for busy, often time-restricted healthcare workers and family members. Bariatric patient hoists with wider frames that support heavier weights are also available.

Patient lifters do require a significant investment and taking the time to research the best device for your home is an important step. In order to help our clients find the right model, Healthcare Equip provides a patient lifter rental service with short to long-term contracts. Often, it’s only when a larger device is used that potential problems are detected. With a rental contract, you can try and test one or more patient hoists before making a final decision.

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