Many respiratory disorders require supplementary oxygen therapy; however, heavy oxygen bottles not only take up significant space but can also be hazardous items to have in the home. Furthermore, the patient needs to remain close to the oxygen source and is usually only given a range of movement that reaches as far as the nasal cannula or oxygen mask allows. Thankfully, modern portable oxygen concentrators negate the need for oxygen bottle storage and reordering through the extraction of oxygen from the ambient air.

Healthcare Equip supplies the world’s smallest oxygen concentrator to numerous clients and has received much positive feedback regarding this powerful and reliable device. Approved for use on airlines and with an excellent battery life, this truly is the ideal solution for respiratory patients who like to get out and about.

Portable oxygen concentrators are also becoming popular in one specific field of the climbing community, where high altitudes provide less oxygen. With replaceable, lightweight batteries, mountaineers of all ages simply add a portable device to the rucksack. For those with respiratory disorders who enjoy the outdoors, having a smaller portable oxygen concentrator on hand can increase peace of mind.

Pulsed portable oxygen devices are changing the way in which we live. If you are unwilling to take our word for it, take advantage of the Healthcare Equip medical equipment rental service and find out for yourself how an oxygen concentrator so small it fits in the palm of your hand can expand your horizons.

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