Both moisture and medication can help to control respiratory symptoms in both adults and children. Allergies, asthma, stress and over sensitivity can narrow the airways, while increased mucus production and respiratory muscle weakness encourage blockage and increase the risk of choking. Healthcare Equip supplies various nebuliser systems for home use which are also used in clinical settings with all necessary certification and warranties.

Home kits come with a hand-held nebuliser, air compressor and mouthpiece or face mask, although accessories can also be purchased separately. All parts are easy to clean and can withstand medical-grade disinfectants. We even offer pocket-sized, battery-operated and travel-ready nebulisers for use on the go. In addition, some models can be used even when lying down – a very useful design addition, especially for paediatric users or bedbound patients.

Whether you are looking for a static, desktop compressor or handheld nebuliser device, Healthcare Equip has the right device for you, your patient or your child. Feel free to contact us for more specific information on any one of our home nebulisers.

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