Stationary home oxygen concentrators mean there is no need to keep hazardous compressed gas bottles in the home. Oxygen tanks are volatile, dangerous and need replacing. For those who require higher percentages of supplementary oxygen than those supplied by portable oxygen concentrators, Healthcare Equip provides a range of lightweight, easy to manoeuvre home oxygen extraction systems that can be wheeled around the home as required.

The ambient air around us consists of approximately 21% oxygen. High-powered stationary oxygen concentrators separate this oxygen from nitrogen and other gases to deliver up to 95% O2 by way of an air compressor. The compressor removes other gases through the integration of absorbent filters, returning them to the ambient air.

Static oxygen concentrators are available as pulse or continuous flow machines that can be used in a range of respiratory settings, including sleep apnoea and COPD, and provide up to 10 litres of oxygen per minute. We ensure our home oxygen concentrators have a broad enough range of settings to provide supplementary oxygen for mild to severe respiratory disorders. It is important to select the correct home oxygen concentrator for your needs. Larger models providing 10 litres a minute of pure oxygen may not be necessary when you only need 5 litres. A lower-powered machine will use less electricity and so save on energy bills.

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