Healthcare Equip offers individual customers and care facilities various oxygen therapy or supplementary oxygen solutions. Our range of medical grade oxygen delivery devices can be used in and out of the home or residential care setting. We focus on portable, low maintenance devices with proven positive reviews from home users of all walks of life.

Oxygen therapy devices from Healthcare Equip encourage freedom of movement and independence, essential ingredients for a better quality of life.

Portable nebuliser kits with multiple use or single use masks provide an at-home solution for those suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis and other respiratory disorders that require or may require inhalation medication. Nebulisers deliver airway widening medications and mucolytics directly into the lungs. Healthcare Equip supplies portable nebulisers and mains powered nebulisers for use at home and when traveling. Our devices suit mask, mouthpiece or tracheostomy users and are available in kit form with various accessories which are also offered separately.

The most popular Healthcare Equip oxygen concentrator is a portable, lightweight, low maintenance and efficient model that produces high oxygen levels from the surrounding air. With a long-life battery and the option to buy replacement batteries separately, our customers can enjoy long-haul flights or road trips in comfort. We even supply high altitude climbers with our medical-grade mains and battery-operated portable oxygen concentrator!

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) can often replace heavy and dangerous oxygen bottles. These types of device have benefited from significant research in past years and have changed from unwieldy machines that take up large areas of floor space to handheld devices able to extract high percentages of oxygen from the ambient air. All Healthcare Equip oxygen therapy devices come with long warranties and have been designed to last without compromising on efficiency. Our oxygen concentrators are the ideal solution for those with COPD, hypoxemia and sleep apnoea who want to feel comfortable wherever they may be.

If you are unsure whether an oxygen concentrator is the best option for you, simply take advantage of our homecare equipment rental service (Australia only) and try one out for a few days or weeks.

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